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The world of dementia changes and challenges relationships, but it shouldn't have to end them. Your mom is still your mom - your dad is still your dad. While the landscape changes we want to help you maintain a positive and supportive environment for your mom or dad as you walk this dementia journey.

This course is full of resources.

Weekly Email

You will receive an email each week. The weekly email is designed to help and support you and your mom or dad on this journey. Each email will cover:

1. A 'Brain Fitness' exercise for you to share with your mom or dad. Remember that continuing to engage in mentally stimulating activities is an important way to maintain brain health. The exercises also focus on creating meaningful interactions so that you can continue to enjoy your relationship.

2. A Brain Health Lifestyle Tip for ensuring that you are building a positive and supportive atmosphere not only for your mom or dad but for yourself as well. Research shows that lifestyle changes can significantly impact brain health so make sure you are integrating good lifestyle habits into your everyday.

3. A Caregiver Tip for you to implement so that you are taking care of yourself. Caregiver burnout is a huge problem and you don’t do anyone any favours if you don’t take care of yourself.

4. And finally, a Communication or Behaviour Tip to help you navigate this new journey. Challenging behaviours are the number one source of stress in caregiving relationships, so these tips should help you maintain peace.

Online Portal

The online resource portal covers four topic areas:

  • Your Changing Role - What is Your New Normal
    • This topic area covers all the changes that come in the relationships from new dynamics in sibling relationships to the new people you will encounter in your life on the caregiving journey.

  • The Science Behind Brain Fitness and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
    • This topic area looks at the latest scientific research and puts it into actionable items for you to integrate into your daily routine.

  • Caring for the Caregiver - You.
    • This topic area examines the importance of caring for yourself to avoid caregiver burnout. Ninety percent of caregivers of individuals with dementia see a significant deterioration in their health - so take care of yourself so you can take care of those you love.

  • Reconnecting on the Journey: The Fit Minds Enable Program
    • This topic area contains exercises and activities to continue to engage in mentally stimulating and meaningful activities. The focus of these exercises is to encourage brain fitness and strengthen relationships.

The specific topics covered in each of these areas continues to grow every month.

Hear what our community has to say about this program.

“While visiting my 91-year-old mom in Halifax, I did 8 Fit Mind Sessions with her. Fantastic interaction, quality time, sense of accomplishment for both of us. Many thanks.”

Rosemary Taylor, Family Caregiver

"It has been a thrill and privilege to work with [ ] using the "Fit Minds" program. [ ]has good days and bad days in regards to memory, mood, ability, emotions etc. just like everyone else. However, [ ] has grown, and her life has taken on more meaning since she looks forward to the exercises and activities. In a sense her world has expanded from what she had been doing."

Mary Anne Kaspick, Fit Minds Coach

Nicole Scheidl

Nicole Scheidl

Master Coach

As one of the founders and creative minds behind Fit Minds Inc., Nicole has been creating cognitive stimulation therapy programming since 2010. An experienced curriculum developer, teacher and coach, she brings a wealth of experience to creating and teaching the Fit Minds Program.

Nicole has trained hundreds of professional and family caregivers who have touched the lives of thousands of individuals living with a cognitive impairment. Nicole also holds a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, a Master’s in Law from Queen’s University specializing in Negotiations and is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging.

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Fit Minds Family Caregiver Program - Welcome

Reconnecting throughout the Journey: Using the Fit Minds Programs