Fit Minds Family Program

Resource Portal

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    Fit Minds Family Caregiver Program - Welcome

    • How to Use This Resource Portal

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    Creating Your Cognitive Care Blueprint

    • Behaviour Assessment

    • Behaviour Assessment Audio Guide

    • Quality of Life Assessment

    • Brain Health Lifestyle Assessment

    • Cognitive Care Blueprint

  • 3

    Your Relationships: What is your new normal?

    • Communication and Challenging Behaviour

    • Having 'The Talk' with Your Parents!

    • [Interview] Lynne Harley on the changing role

    • How to Talk to Your Children About Aging

    • Sleep Disorders and Dementia

    • Sleep Hygiene Checklist

    • What about Long Term Care Insurance? [A discussion with Janet Gray]

    • What About Downsizing? [A discussion with Jennifer Moir]

  • 4

    The Brain: Understanding the Science

    • How Your Brain Works

    • [Interview] Dr. Paul Nussbaum on Brain Health

    • The Science of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

  • 5

    Caring for the Caregiver - You!

    • Caregiver Stress Assessment

    • [Interview] Gary Gzick on Caring For Yourself

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    Reconnecting throughout the Journey: Using the Fit Minds Programs

    • Getting the most out of the Enable Program

    • Language Exercises (Enable Program)

    • Visual/Spatial Orientation Exercises (Enable Program)

    • Memory Exercises (Enable Program)

    • Critical Thinking Exercises (Enable Program)

    • Computation Exercises (Enable Program)

    • Language Discussion Exercises (Enable Program)

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    Monthly Fit Minds Exercises

    • June 2022 (Enable Program)

    • July 2022 (Enable Program)